Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wet Cat

Mr. Mims is a short-haired cat that resides in our home. He is one of four cats. There are farm cats and there are house cats. We never intended to have indoor cats, but daughters begging tend to melt C.S. and me. Mr. Mims is a very long cat. He is coal black, except for about a dozen white hairs scattered on his chest. If he was a person, he'd probably be a snob. He has an arrogant look etched permanently on his face. He often reminds me of a raccoon, the way he loves shiny things. His passion for jewelry is rather surprising. The girls' "dress up" trunk contained a necklace of phony pink pearl. The cat loved them for years, until he misplaced them. Perhaps he hid them to keep them safe. We've tried to convince him that pink pearls didn't speak for masculinity, but he reminded us that we had him neutered quite early and he said he had no idea what we were talking about.

Lately Mr. Mims has sported a rather pathetic look. He had something stuck to the fur on his back and it was not the sleek look that he'd always maintained. Daughter #3 (D3) decided to give him a bath. As I walked in the bathroom, she said, "Look, he loves water!" Examine the following picture and tell me what you think.

A clean cat is a happy cat!
I lost my pink pearls and now this!
I can't even escape the paparazzi here!

Post script regarding the welfare of Mr.Kitty. Mims no longer has the sticky thing on his back. He survived the ordeal and is back to being his stunning self. Now he's waiting for someone to come by with a camera.
Okay guys, you can send in the photographers now!

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