Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Tiny Little Draft Horse

Several years ago, C.S.Farmer was attending a draft horse auction with some of his Amish friends. At the time we had one well loved horse on the farm. I didn't think that he went to the auction with the intent to buy a new horse, but a phone call on the way home proved that he had done just that. He told me that he'd bought a horse for one of our daughters. Knowing he would fulfill the child's dream of having a horse, I eagerly awaited his return. He was returning with something in our horse trailer. Hmm? He took our trailer to the auction? Perhaps this should have clued me in. Why would he take the horse trailer if he wasn't planning on getting a horse? Duh! I'm not always quick on the up take!

A short time later, his truck and the horse trailer rolled onto the farm. We all rushed out to greet him. The children were excited as he opened the door to the trailer. Out came a pure black horse.
My,my! That's an awful small horse! When the horse backed out of the trailer we could all see that he looked just like the cover of the book 'Black Stallion.' My daughter went up to pet him and we noticed how large she looked next to the horse. He was a small horse next to her. She was having a growth spurt. Perhaps that was it!

"Gee, honey, he's very small." I didn't want to offend him, and I'm known for stating the obvious, but I thought I'd just throw that one out there! "He was the only horse there that wasn't a draft horse. He looks much smaller here." Was the horse trailer warm enough that it was like shrinking a pair of jeans in the dryer? The girls were happy with the small horse, but the next statement reached out and grabbed the animal lover in me. "There was one other guy bidding for him and I think he buys horses to ship them to slaughterhouses." That made it all okay. He rescued the little guy. C.S. Farmer will go down in history for his kind deeds!

The girls named the little guy Prince Charming. Charming was only that for two days. C.S. must have forgotten to get his sedative from the auctioneer. Because the name was so incredibly inappropriate in such a short time, we brainstormed another name. His name became Cocoa. I could not have my little girl going out to the pasture to call him with a more fitting name. Hey Beelzebub! Oh, Lucifer, it's time for your grain. Little devil... Cocoa had to be his name. We are all crazy about chocolate and there are no other things that could be read into that name. Cocoa. He has been a handful for many years, but my little girl (the one who had the growth spurt) loves him. His confirmation is impressive. He is too big to be a miniature horse and to small to be a pony. Call him what you want, but he still thinks he's as big as a draft horse.

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