Monday, July 5, 2010

Talking About the 4th on the 5th

I went to a 4th of July cookout at a friend's house yesterday. There is a community parade that goes right in front of her house. It was like combining two activities into one, without an extra drive. The parade was complete with a few fire trucks, but none of them went on a call during the parade. (See yesterday's post.) It was a hot day, but there were plenty of refreshments.

Another friend attending the cookout said something that I will remember for a while. In describing the parade, she referred to it as a "redneck version of a Norman Rockwell." Think about that one for a while!

The cookout had a surprising number of guests who brought their dogs. My invitation didn't say anything about celebrating with canines. We just won't tell Lady and Blue! When the parade moved past the folks at the cookout, some of the people riding on floats and trucks threw candy for children. The little people at the cookout ran and gathered what they could. One truck threw dog biscuits. One of the people throwing them did an admirable job of landing several within a close proximity to a fawn, Great Dane. Before the dog could gather the biscuits, all of the nearby children ran and placed them in their bags, along with the candy. The poor dog just watched as he was left biscuit-less. I watched kids stuffing one candy after another in their mouths. I wonder how many dog biscuits were consumed by children. Maybe some of them had a strong desire to chase one of the parade's fire trucks!

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