Friday, July 9, 2010

Piggy Water Park

On an earlier post called 'Can we go to the pool today,Mom?' I showed a photo of our pigs playing in a stream from the hose. Yesterday, C.S Farmer called up to the house to find out if he could get some help. The pigs were out. That usually means that at least two people need to join him out there to help move them back to the place they're supposed to be.

We have been herding cattle for as long as I can remember, but pigs are newer to us. They're a bit harder to shepherd to a place than cattle. They're smaller, more stubborn, and generally need far more stops along the way. Mud will always be like a big detour sign for them. We don't care if you left muffins baking! We like the mud over there and we are going to role around in it for a while. If you don't like that, then come and get us! No, thanks.

I was surprised to find out that C.S only wanted one other person to help him. I sent D3 to help her dad. It turned out that she only needed to hold the hose so the pigs could play in it. That would keep the ones who had not left from venturing out. It seems it also attracted the renegades back to the mob. Reformed city girl, here, had to look that one up! I wasn't sure if a group of pigs was called a herd or something else. Be enlightened, a group of pigs is called a herd, drove, or mob. Trust me, the last one is probably the most appropriate.

The hot, dry weather has been really extreme lately(104 degrees.) I'm not surprised that the piggies like to play in the water.

                                              "Hey, did you hear we're part of the mob?"
"No, dummy! We're part of a  mob."
"What mob?"
"The Porcine Mob."
"Porcine? Isn't that a mushroom."
"Oh, Pleeeeez!"(  Piggy eye roll  -must be a teen, huh?)

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