Friday, July 9, 2010

Peach Jam

The peaches are wonderful this year. We may be gritting our teeth with the drought conditions, but it seems like some things have a more intense flavor when you get this type of weather.
I've spent much of my free time, this last week, making peach jam. The Ball Company has a wonderful low sugar pectin that I have seen in almost every grocery store. It will work with lower sugar, no sugar, or sweeteners. I highly recommend it. Regular pectin requires lots of sugar. I usually use one cup of my vanilla sugar per recipe. The flavor is sensational. The lower sugar allows the peach flavor to come through. The vanilla just gives the jam another layer of flavor. C.S. better get another bushel from his friend at the farmers' market!

Note: My vanilla sugar is four cups of sugar that are stored in a large canning jar with at least one whole vanilla bean. The longer the sugar is in with the bean, the more pronounced vanilla flavor. Yum!

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