Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This morning, my youngest (D4) woke up early and greeted me in the kitchen. She's almost always a little ray of sunshine. She asked if she could practice piano. I had to tell her to wait since her sisters were still asleep. D4 loves music. It is a big part of her. She takes piano lesson from a local teacher, and harp lessons from her older sister. She loves to sing. She often uses the back of my head as a microphone while I'm driving. Now, this little songbird is belted in the vehicle properly, but she has volume. Yes, volume! She also plays the air piano when she hears music. This happens often when her sister is practicing a difficult piece. Her sister is currently working on some Clementi pieces. Those are some speedy fingers on the "ivories."

Music is popular in our home. I'm reminded of this when I am cleaning house. I'm usually too busy to walk around looking at the family instruments, but when I clean they have to be moved or dusted.

 Here is an exhaustive list of the instruments that reside in our farm house. If you aren't into music, this may be an exhausting list!
1 piano
1 lever harp
1 computer keyboard (MIDI)
1 alto sax
1 tenor sax
1 3/4 size guitar
2 melody harps
1 xylophone (It survived my childhood.) 
2 recorders
1 harmonica (As a newlywed, I got the brilliant idea that farmers, like cowboys, needed one.)
1 old paper towel roll (My microphone when I perform for the family. Family? Hey guys, where did you go?)

Except for the iPod (and my paper towel roll), the piano and harp are the most popular things that play music around here.

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