Monday, July 5, 2010

Mrs. Avery

I remember riding to school in the mornings and seeing an older lady meticulously manicuring her yard. She lived in a medium sized house, with a medium sized yard. She must have had a real love of gardening, because the amount of plants and flowers in her yard was geared more for, shall we say, a stadium. Her pretty yard was a botanical garden fit for tours. It defined itself from the other yards on either side. The occupants there either hated flowers or decided they could never compete, so why try!

The woman was even more interesting than her yard. I named her Mrs. Avery because I was a kid and kids do things like that. I never actually met her, but she deserved a name. She was always dressed up while gardening. She wasn't dressed for a cocktail party, her attire was more fitting of dinner at a restaurant or a ladies club luncheon. Hey, maybe a garden club get together. She always had her hair up in a bee hive type of hair-do and she wore pearls. It was interesting to pass by her house each day and see how she was dressed. The show Green Acres comes to mind. In that show, the lady could not part from her citified ways. She always wore outfits with accessories and elaborate jewelry.

I had an opportunity to drive down that same road twenty years later. I expected her to be there, pearls and all. There was no Mrs. Avery. The yard could attest to that. The beautiful flowers had been replaced by weeds. The house showed disrepair. Change is part of life. Sometimes it is not easy to handle, but it's very real. As I looked in the back seat of my car to check on my fussy baby, and the two toddlers playing, I realized that not all change is bad.

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  1. They say nothing is constant but change. And yes, not all change is bad!

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