Thursday, July 1, 2010


Mooey in her "Zucchini Bikini."

Mooey is an important member of our family. She is the beloved stuffed toy of D4 (daughter #4). Mooey arrived here one Christmas via one of my sisters. She was an instant hit! Mooey quickly had to be at every meal and bedtime could not happen without the black and white bovine friend.

After a few years of being dragged everywhere, and frequent rides in the wash machine, Mooey began a career as a fashion model. When D2 was learning to sew, Mooey was given a variety of new styles to wear. On Valentine's Day, Mooey dressed up as Cupid. For Easter she had a fancy dress and an Easter bonnet. Various Christmases, she donned a seasonal dress, an angel costume, and even a Christmas tree costume. The angel gave her the opportunity to be part of the crèche for the Christmas Eve Service at church. The whole community embraced the stuffed member of our family.

A visit to our church from the bishop gave Mooey the chance to wear bishop apparel, including the large, cone shaped hat. We affectionately deemed the spotted cow the "Divine Bovine" and the "Holy Stein."

Everyone should have a friend who will go everywhere with them and stands up to a good washing.

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