Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Laundry Fairy

I've already shared with you the fact that I do lots of laundry. LOTS! A few years ago, I decided that any money that went through the washer was mine, all mine! I'd say an average year nets about $8.37. I shouldn't use this to gauge my family's opinion of my work. It's not like a waitress, who gets two quarters in a water glass because her service was terrible. The money just accidentally went for a ride in the washing machine.

Yesterday I got a raise. I opened the top of the washing machine and found a twenty dollar bill. As I reached in to load a pair of jeans into the dryer, I found two more. A total of five more were at the bottom when the washer was empty. Yee-Haw! I rather enjoyed doing that load of jeans.

I placed the eight, wet twenties on my dresser and eventually in the top drawer. I had forgotten about them later in the day, but by this morning they came to mind. I told C.S.Farmer that I really enjoyed doing laundry yesterday. He felt a sense of accomplishment for his recent relocation of a washer and dryer to our mud room. I had been trekking to the basement for years prior to this improvement. "I'm glad you like having the washer and dryer in a more convenient place," said C.S. Farmer. I was happy for that improvement , but I told him that I was referring to something else. I reminded him that I consider anything that goes through the washer a tip, as I reached in my drawer and pulled out $160.00. He straightened each crumpled bill and put them in a stack. I jokingly said that I would take one of the twenties as a tip, and he agreed. The twenty found the way back to the pile. It had all come from his pocket and that was where it needed to be. Besides, that kind of money would ruin the experience of all future loads!


  1. Hmmm, this may motivate me to more more laundry ;)

  2. I live alone. All I get is used Kleenex. In pieces. And they don't disappear during line drying.

  3. Nice! All I seem to find are crumpled up wads of paper, which I later find out WERE stickers and now my son's clothes have multiple gooey spots... Oh well :)

    Found you on the blog hop.

  4. Through the blog hop, I mean, from Hip 2 b Mom's blog!


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