Friday, July 2, 2010

Hooray for the red white and blue horse! What?

We'll be seeing lots of red, white, and blue this weekend as we celebrate Independence Day. I look forward to going to an incredible cookout at a chef friend's house. When chefs entertain each other it is truly amazing. The seven course meals, the fine wines, and the flaming desserts. Well, actually, we'll be having hamburgers! Got to love it. I do. After all, I'm married to C.S.Farmer (the cattleman). There's a hokey neighborhood parade to watch from her front yard, so it should be a fun day.

A few years back, I was driving home from the grocery store when I arrived at the base of our driveway. I looked up the hill towards our house and there were two lovely horses grazing. What a serene picture! What a lovely place for horses! What were they doing there? Back then we didn't have horses. I remember saying, "Look! My prayers came true. I've wanted horses here. Now I have them." The person in the car with me said, "Oh, isn't it nice that you have them!" Reality check! No one had given me horses. They were not mine to keep. They were just trimming the grass.

I hurried into the house and attempted to find the owner with a series of phone calls. I found myself telling all of the local horse people how this bay and gray just appeared on my hill. I knew the gray was an Arabian and could pretty much guess that the bay was either a Quarter Horse or a Morgan. When one of the neighbors asked for a further description, I went to the front window so I could see them again. They were still there munching on the grass. "Hey guys! Can you do the side yards too?" I noticed something odd. The gray (really, white) horse had a red streak from the shoulder almost to the haunch. Wait! There was a blue one too. "Hello. Did you here me say that there is red and blue on the horse? Hello. Are you still there?" I must have sounded pretty stupid.

A few more calls netted similar results, until I finally had one person say they'd be right over. Without another word, they hung up. I was distracted by a crying baby, so I was unable to meet the person when they arrived. I only caught a glimpse of someone at the base of my driveway leading the horses away.

A few months later, I met the owner. When I first saw the horses again, I recognized them immediately. There was one thing missing. The colors on the side of the horse. I mentioned it and found out that the owner had ridden the gray horse in a parade. She said she always painted her horses or dressed them up for parades, but that time the paint would not wash out completely. So, if you see a painted horse this weekend, you might have had one too many! Or you might have seen a patriotic horse who will show colors way after the parade.

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