Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello, Sir.

When I was cooking yesterday, I opened the door where I store small spice jars. Surprise! I had a visitor. There on top of a jar was a medium- large praying mantis. He was standing on top of a jar of thyme when I first noticed him. He moved his head in the peculiar way that they do. It looked like he was studying me.

Perhaps he was trying to think of what he would say in his blog.

                  Dear Readers,
                             On my daily adventure, I encountered a giant. I was just trying to have a little thyme to myself when
                        the world opened up and there was a big face. I believe it was one of those female humans. She started talking 
                        about a praying mantis to her young humans. I assume she was talking about me, but she neglected to call
                        me a superior green being.Then, dear readers, before I knew it, she was making lightning in my face. The 
                        young humans asked if she got a good picture. I'm clueless what these strange creatures were talking about. I  
                        tried to get away from the human and I fell onto a jar that said chili powder. I'm going back tomorrow to get 
                        some. It would be awesome on aphids! Until tomorrow...
                        I am,
                        The Green Dude

Note: The dust on the top of the jar is actually flour from when my grain grinder sent it high in my kitchen like a geyser. The Old Faithful of the grain world! Who put too much grain in the hopper bin? Oops! I guess I did.

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