Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Farmers' Market Came to Me

Some days, I'm spoiled rotten. C.S.Farmer(Cute Stuff Farmer), D1 (Our oldest daughter), and our farm intern returned from the Saturday morning farmers' market with lots of goodies. Never mind that all three of them were soaking wet. That just meant they were wearing the answer to my prayers. Rain. Rain! RAIN!

I had spent the majority of the morning around the house singing, "Rain, glorious rain," to the tune of a song from 'Oliver.' I believe the orphans in 'Oliver' were singing about "Food, glorious food." Basically the same  thing. No rain-no food.

The market crew returned home with so many things that it almost felt like a holiday. I started receiving flowers from the market a few years ago. I remember C.S. Farmer bringing home the first, and one of the most beautiful, bouquets I have ever seen. I thought he had purchased them as a gift for me. It turns out that the artistic flower vendor, Anna, had sent them. C.S. reminded me that he did bring them home for me. Okay. Maybe not as romantic, but I'll take that.

Here is what came home today:
 C.S. bought us peaches. After the peach- blueberry
cobbler that D2 baked the other day, I'm surprised
he didn't buy a whole tractor trailer load! *Yum*
Flowers came home as a gift from Anna.
Big hug, Anna. Your flowers kept my spirits
high when I was really sick last year.
Two tubs of enormous berries were a gift from our
customers, and friends, Rea and Caryn.
Big hug! You guys are great, and I'm not just
saying that because Caryn and I have the
same birthday.
Corn from Joe. I'll have to protect this, so one of the kids 
doesn't eat it bag and all! Thanks.
Thanks for  the beautiful bread, Marcos! I wish I'd photographed 
it out of the wrapper before my camera coughed and collapsed.
Libby, thank you! The berries are beautiful. With twelve
boxes, I'll make lots of jam.

We love the farmers' market community. Blessings to all!

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