Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's not unusual for people to drop animals off. We've had quite a menagerie down at the mailbox. Cats, dogs, and roosters. There may have been others, but if so, they made it to  the woods before I ever saw them. Another local farm had so many cats dropped off that her total is up to 60. Get real, folks! That's unfair to the animals and the farmer. There are organizations that take in unwanted pets.

A very pretty, young cat was dropped off a few years ago. She managed to have two litters before I could trap her, have her vetted, have her spayed, and introduce her to our barn as a home. The last litter had five kittens. We ended up taking them in when the young mama cat decided that she no longer wanted to mother them. Three of the kittens adopted my girls. Two liked the barn better. All of them were vetted and spayed/neutered first.

One of the cats who lives in the house is a long haired tuxedo cat named Bonnie. There is nothing terribly remarkable about her, except for the way she sleeps. Her twisted positions are laughable. She often sleeps with her fat tummy exposed and her arms draped in strange ways.

Take a look at sleeping beauty.
Pretty normal and right side up.
Kitty bliss and almost upside down.
Unaware that she's being photographed.
Totally peaceful at 180 degrees.
She rolled over and covered her face.
"Aw, cut it out! Can't a cat get any sleep around here?

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  1. Bonnie looks like a sweet girl! That's so sad, that people drop their pets off there. Those poor animals! Well, at least you are giving them a good home.


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