Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spunky Grandmother

My grandmother was a very spunky lady. In her younger days she had been very active, playing golf and swimming. I remember when she was in her mid-eighties she lived in a small house just up the road from our family. The next door neighbor had a gum tree that leaned over into her yard. Gum trees have gumballs. They are the seed pod from the tree that looks like a spiky ball with a long stem like a cherry. The gum tree deposited lots of gumballs in my grandmother's yard. She was rather put out that the "old lady next door," as she called her, would allow this to happen. One day I witnessed her taking her golf clubs to the front yard. She was dressed as though she was on the way to the country club for a round of golf. She systematically hit every one of the seed pods back into the neighbor's yard. Satisfied that they were returned to their proper owner, she put her golf clubs away.

I recall a day when my grandmother heard something at the back door of her house. As she looked out of the window at the door she saw a strange man working on the lock with a tool. Most folks would go to the phone and call the police. Not this lady! She opened the door and proceeded to tell the guy off. "How dare you..." As he ran down the driveway, she still shared her opinion of his hobby (occupation?) with him. If that didn't turn him from a life of crime, I don't know what could. He's lucky she didn't go after him with those golf clubs!


  1. Haha! Grammy must have been hysterical!

  2. Wow! My grandma tells me stories about how she lived on a farm (a cow farm actually) but even as a farm girl, I never heard anything this spunky from her!


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