Monday, June 28, 2010

Sorry guys, dinner is burned tonight!

Rocky, Ricky, and Wendell watch C.S.Farmer baling hay.
(When the "hay was greener on the other side.")

Dinner is rather brown. I'm not referring to any of the food in the house. What's burned is our pastures. It has been amazingly hot for this early in the season. The weather lately has been more like August. Hot, hot, and more hot! A few years ago, we had a horrible drought. The memory is recent enough that this hot, dry spell has grabbed our attention.

We are able to put irrigation on the garden, but the pastures are turning brown. C.S.Farmer (Cute Stuff Farmer) is working on our second cutting of hay. I feel fortunate that we have that.

This past winter and spring were excessively wet. I couldn't help but wonder if I had prayed too much for rain during the last dry spell and we were getting it all at once. Perhaps it doesn't work like that, but it did cross my mind.

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