Friday, June 18, 2010

Real Royalty

My daughter and I recently brought home a book about the correct way to be a princess. One might say that it is a training manual for young, female royalty. As a result, our youngest has spent the better part of this week wearing a play crown and matching earring. Play crown? Oops! I'm sorry, honey. Mommy knows it's real. Perhaps my years here as a displaced princess have rendered me unable to recognize jewels.

I remember one of my first semesters of college. I had a part time job in the registration office. One day I was waiting in line to register for classes. There was an incredibly good looking young man ahead of me in line. He looked like a male model and just like someone I'd seen in a magazine ad. I believe it was for Calvin Klein. When he finished registering, he turned to walk away and saw me. He stopped and walked up to me. He said "Hello" and proceeded to introduce himself.

Now, for a little background information. I love shoes! Big shoes, little shoes, and all different colors of shoes. It is a good thing that I'm so fond of them because over the years I have often found myself with my "foot in my mouth." That is to say, open mouth, say something dumb, and insert foot. The shy child I was, grew into an outgoing, verbal woman. Poor child!

Back to the story. When the young man introduced himself to me he said he was "Prince-----."
I enthusiastically responded with, "That's so cool. I've known several German Shepherds named Prince!" He looked at me as though I was a space alien. Okay, so he was perceptive! He collected himself in a very classy way and answered me with a knock out accent. "Well, yes," said Prince----"Very good, now. Have a great day." Poof! He was gone.

Oops! They say hindsight is twenty-twenty. Open mouth, Patrice. Insert foot. Yum! I made my way back to the registration desk and found one of my co-workers. I asked her what she knew about the young man. She said he was from a royal family from another country. Oops! Some people just can't take a joke!

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  1. Haha! I love this story!
    (You sorta blew it on that one, :P. Just think you coulda been a princess!)


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