Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Music, Music, Everywhere Music

As I write, this I am surrounded by the music of a harp playing Pachelbel's Canon. Three of our four daughters are music people. We have three pianists, one harpist, and an aspiring classical/opera singer. At any given time the house is filled with music. I have to say that I absolutely love it.

Sometimes when I am talking with someone about the girls' music I notice my other daughter rolling her eyes. She is not interested in making music, even though she has a very sweet voice. She does not want to discuss the latest recital or accomplishment at music lessons. Her music reminds me of the reason that I left the city. The music that touches her soul is the birds singing, or the whispering of the wind. She is a child of the outdoors, and a friend of all animals. I do not know anyone else who can put out their hand and return it still opened with a small hummingbird sitting happily there. This has happened more than once. Horses that do not obey others just about bow to her. It is amazing to me.

The other day I got to hear a concert of the outdoors. The sound is one that is pressed into my heart for all time. I remember it from my youth. As our six horses headed for the barn there was the loud thumping of hooves. Twenty four hooves fueled by hungry tummies. The hoof beats always make me stop to watch the horses. Three smaller horses gracefully run, and the three draft horses powerfully follow. There is a rhythm to the things around us. There is beautiful music all around. Pachelbel's Canon isn't bad either!

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