Sunday, June 20, 2010

Milk Cows

We've recently talked about getting a milk cow. This is not something new to us, but it has been a while since we have had one. We are big dairy people. By that, I mean that we eat lots of cheese and yogurt. Several years ago, we decided to get a milk cow for our family. The chef in me had visions of cheese that I could create. The dairy lover in me had visions of all the cheese I could eat. We ended up getting two cows instead of one. We didn't need that much milk, but the man who sold them to us said that two would do better than one. His bank deposit surely confirmed that!

We brought home Autumn and Esther. They were both Jerseys, but they were two entirely different shades of brown. It was exciting to let them out of our horse trailer into the corral that we had planned for them that first day. They stepped out of the trailer cautiously, threw caution to the wind and ran full speed to the wooden fence of the corral. They not only ran to the corral, but they ran right through it. Off they went, tails swishing in the wind. It was fortunate that they chose to break out on the side that meant they were still on our property. To this day I picture these two cows, side by side with straw hats, flip flops (okay, I have a vivid imagination),
and cameras around their necks. They were off on an adventure.

We eventually got them back to the barn. They gave us lots of lovely milk and I did make lots of cheese. Esther did not like that concept of being milked. Autumn would have let anyone milk her or any animal nurse. She took her milk cow status seriously. Both of them loved to be sung to while they were milked. I fondly remember cold mornings of singing quietly to them . They munched on hay while I leaned my head on their warm sides and filled the milk bucket..

Blossom, when she arrived at our farm.

More recently, we decided it was time to have a milk cow again. We brought home a beautiful milk cow that we named Blossom. That's a good cow name. Right? Within the first week we discovered that Blossom had aspirations of being in the rodeo.Her true name must have been Bruiser. I'm sure that is what it must have said on the wanted poster in the post office! We found she was a cow you could not get too close to. Apparently, she had been given something to calm her down and it wore off. She went ballistic when anyone touched her. Soon she was sent out with the beef herd to be a professional mother. Driving by the pasture one day, I asked her if she wouldn't reconsider being a milk cow. She mumbled something about my life insurance being paid up. I purchased extra dairy items at Trader Joe's that week.

Bruiser, the reason I bought store milk.

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