Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Horse by Any Other Name is Still a Horse

We have a wonderful liver chestnut Quarter Horse named Chip. We got him from a horse rescue. He and D3 (daughter #3) are best friends.

It isn't unusual for me to talk with people about our animals. One day I was at an art studio working with some others when horses came up in conversation. I'm there. That is something I enjoy talking about. I mentioned that we had a Quarter Horse. The person working next to me was quite interested, so I told her more about him.

The following week the woman returned and told me she had a friend who knew my horse. It would not be uncommon for me to hear that someone knows my sister, or my husband, but our equine friends don't usually maintain a large enough social circle to have this occur. It turns out that the friend had met him while he was at the horse rescue. I suppose that isn't so rare, but the next part of the conversation caught me a bit off guard. She told me her friend was an animal communicator. Okay. I understand that. "Get out of the kitchen, dog! Would you stop scratching the furniture, cat! Leave the cat alone, dog!" I communicate with our animals all of the time. She said that the horse had told her friend his real name. Okay!?

I went home armed with some new information. The woman reported that her animal communicator friend said the horse's name was really Noah. I felt like I was in "Show and Tell", as I reported this to my family. On Mars! I got four blank stares and a giggle from my youngest. A few of us walked out to the pasture. We watched with eager anticipation as I called out, "Noah." No response. Perhaps he didn't hear me. "Noah," I called. Do you know what he did? He chewed on some more grass. At that point we all began to call the name in question to the horse. No response.

C.S.Farmer (Cute Stuff) joined us. He reminded me that our Standard Bred mare, Lucy, had once been name Molly. We all called out, "Molly." The horse immediately ran to us. Ever since that day, she refuses to answer to Lucy. It might be a whole lot easier if the animals just told us what we needed to know. Well, maybe not. I'm not sure I want to hear what some of our cats would say!

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