Sunday, June 27, 2010


I've heard the term B.F.F. used by kids. This means best friends forever. With people, it often only lasts as long as common interests or proximity. Friends come and go for all of us.

Rocky and Ricky are our Percheron Draft horses. The Percheron originates in Northern France and can be traced back to the 1600s. They are usually gray or black. They are often born dark and lighten up as they get older. Most are quite large. Our boys are around 2000 pounds each. (And I'm considering a diet!) They are excellent for farm work and are good for pulling.

Rocky and Ricky have been together forever. They came to us from an Amish farm. They have always worked together with Rocky being the furrow horse and Ricky as the lead horse. Basically, Ricky is on the left and Rocky on the right. After years of working, the boys stand like that all of the time. They graze, sleep, drink water and relax, but always standing in their special order. They are a pair and I cannot imagine one without the other.

Rocky and Ricky are sweethearts. Don't tell them I said that, or Ricky will blush!

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